SABBATAGE is the Twin Cities ONLY female-fronted homage to the music of the mighty Black Sabbath.

Founded by lead vocalist, Candice Wheeler (Longtime radio personality on the nationally syndicated KQRS Morning Show) along with rhythm guitarist, Sara Crider & drummer, Derek Jaimes towards the latter part of 2020. After a few initial member changes…the band recruited lead guitarist, Aaron Robertson & bassist, Chad Haugejorden to complete the formation of the band that exists in its current status today.

SABBATAGE has a heavy emphasis on paying homage to the “deep tracks” of Black Sabbath’s lengthy discography in their first 10 years of formation. Many of the songs that SABBATAGE performs are tracks that Black Sabbath, themselves, have rarely played live - if EVER.

SABBATAGE is unquestionably a tribute that appeases to the hardcore Sabbath fans, all while exposing a vast catalog of music that the average fan might not have ever heard before.

SABBATAGE are masterful in capturing the essence and vibe of classic early-era Black Sabbath music…

With Black Sabbath officially in retirement… The next best thing you will see and hear live, is none other than the Twin Cities ONLY female-fronted homage to the music of Black Sabbath - SABBATAGE

Sabbatage is:

  • Vocals: Candice Wheeler
  • Lead Guitar: Aaron Robertson
  • Bass: Chad Haugejorden
  • Rhythm Guitar: Sara Nade
  • Drums: Derek Jaimes